160P6S ans PS08?

I am looking for folks who have flashed PS08 and what the results have been.

I am using PS05 and am not burning any coasters.
Just wondering if it is worthwhile to go to PS08.

I wish LiteOn would give more info on what they upgraded.

Verbatim brand, burned at 8x.

Verbatim MCC004 @ 16X- For some reason the file won’t attach or upload, could be the dialup I have at my shack in the boondocks. Here’s the link from Wednesday.
.http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=163702. Plays just fine despite the early PIE stuff.

i couldnt do anything with mine until i flashed to ps08, but its working ok now.
only thing is i cant select higher than 8x to burn dvd’s. im only using 8x media but shouldnt i still be able to select a higher speed…?

All they ever say in the change log is " Support more media "

Verbatim burned at 16x (95% @ 16x)

Guess I got a sweet drive. Fujifilm brand.

Another good burn,

Here is my scan of MCC-004 burned @16x 29 PI AND 2 PIF