160p6s > 165p6s

It has better error correction and is waaaaay more reliable than RW. Also some of us have older Panasonic stand alone recorders that only use RAM or -R. As well, now that costs are just over $1 per disc, it is more attractive.

As most manufacturers are turning to Multi drives more people will give it a try. The feature was not added due to demand, but just to be able to offer a new feature and sell more drives.

Yes you are correct getit29 for most people RAM support is not an issue and they may never use it. I think [B] chas0039 [/B] said it all in his post and I’m a very big fan of RAM because it’s a lot more reliable then DVD-RW and had nothing but problems when using DVD-RW, could never tell when the disk suddenly became unreadable. Ram is useful for testing when making Auto Play DVD’s saves a lot of wasted DVD’s

Chas, were did you find DVD-RAM for “just over $1 per disc”? I just checked at Rima and Shop4Tech, and the cheapest I could find was a little over $3 per disc.

Go to the Panasonic.com site, on the right you want to buy direct, wade through the sections in supplies to find DVD RAM, sign up for their Club to get the discount and free shipping and order the 15 pack of 3X RAM (LM-AF120LU15) for $18 with free shipping. Or call 1-800-405-0652 and order over the phone. They also have the 5X for 3 for $7.20 after discount.

Credit for the source goes to rdgrimes.

You are absolutely right.