160p6s > 165p6s

Can the 160PS6 be crossflashed to the 165P6S ?

the crossflash should be possible, but the 160p6s is downgraded for a good reason. it hasn’t passed the dvd-ram test in production line, so upgrading will only give you dvd-ram support with disastrous quality.

Not entirely true. The drive “may” not have passed testing during production. I doubt every 160P6S is a 165P6S that has failed -RAM. This would suggest a very high failure rate. Some drives will handle the crossflash better than others. The price difference between the two drives is small so if you can get the 165P6S then I would go for it. If you already have the 160P6S then you might try the crossflash and see. The problem is there is no publicly available crossflash at this time.

Yes, your both right. Karr did state what chok0 is says and this will be true in some cases but it will really depend on demand - like AMD processors - some were CPUs that didn’t meet the spec of the highest speed and others were just ones that met the highest spec, but with the default divider set to meet the CPUs labeled speed.

worker is also right that there is no crossflash path for this drive at the moment and there may never be one…

There goes my dream of flashing my 160P6S to 165P6S :frowning:

Anyways, I’m never going to burn a DVD-RAM so not much of a loss :wink:

Does this mean, 160P6S are second grade or lower quality drives?

I mean apart from failing DVD-RAM Test.

:sad: :doh: :confused:

the drives should be the same except for dvd-ram support. but their could also be 160p6s that can handle dvd-ram well when crossflashed.

you also can edit your post within 30 minutes if you want to add something.

OK thanks.

Relief to know that my new Litey is not a Second Grade Drive. :smiley:

That’s exactly what I want to say. Sometimes it depends on demand. :slight_smile:

I would ad that my 165P6S is a terrible RAM writer, deffinitely not reliable. I’d hate to see anyone needing a LiteOn to write RAM. LG and NEC are much better for this. I use the LiteOn only for reading RAM.

What process do you use to determine the write quality? Are you talking about speed or errors? Which media are you using?

Thanks, I have 6 RAM writers and I would prefer to utilize the best.

The only thing that really makes any sense is to do a ScanDisc in CD/DVD Speed or CRC Read Error Test in DVDInfoPro. You could also do a RPM test but due to the low reading speed of -RAM it may not be that useful.

The LiteOn is just buggy when writing. The RAM writing process forces the drive to re-write when verification fails, so it can sit there and take a long time to write a small amount. Likewise your available space keeps dropping exponentially while this is going on. Mostly, I just don’t trust it after having several such problems. At one point it was freezing while trying to format a disc, and nearly rendered one disc useless. I use the Panasonic driver, and have found it to be pretty trustworthy. I think a few others have reported problems writing RAM with this drive too.

My LG has been 100% reliable for RAM for a long time. NEC has also been 100%, but I don’t use it much.

It is possible that your drive has a problem with -RAM. I have three here that have no issues like you describe. It could also be the media may not be supported. What is the MID of the disc’s you are using?

I was actually lookin’ to pick up a 165P6S. Do ya happen to know whether or not it is riplocked with official f/w? I do not see any patches for the 6 series drives. Not trying to threadjack, just looking for the ultimate reader/scanner for ripping/testing purposes below $40 ($39.99 :slight_smile: ).

Sit tight and I will have an answer for you in 10 minutes.

Mine tops out at just under 12X at the edge of a DL disc. You might need DriveSpeed to get to the maximum. So far, the only firmware for the 5 and 6 series drives comes from Liteon. It remains to be seen whether codeguys will be able to work any magic on it; I have faith.

chas, so can you highly recommend it as a hq ripper/scanner w/ stock firmware over any other? I use a reliable hd166s rom right now with patched ds1e, but cannot use it as a scanner.

Yes, with one exception. You need to get the patched firmware to fix the lead-in problem on -R media. It is here:


If you cannot deal with this or wait for the official release from Liteon, then I would go for the BenQ 1655. It is not quite as good at scanning but the differences are teoretical as long as you understand that scans are only to be compared with scans from the same drive in order to see burn differences. Also the 165P6S will read and write RAM whereas the BenQ 1655 will not. Both bitset, rip and burn well.

That 166 is one good drive. As I recall it would read RAM.

LOL. May be you got a 160P6S which was mis-labelled as 165P6S :smiley: :wink:

Sorry guys but I just don’t see what all the fuss is about on wanting or needing RAM support. :confused:
What is so special about RAM other than the higher rewrite capabilities of it over DVD+ -RW
other than the cost is higher on it. :doh: