160gb with winXP?

hi guys, i got a WD 160gb Disk drive, but when i goto fdisk/format im only getting 119gb?? why is this? Do i need a special utility to get all my 160gb on one partion???

Thx SasArchiver

Is you partition NTFS format?

yes, NTFS…

Have you tried Programms like Partition Magic to check the size of the Partition?

The maximum size of Partitions NTFS is 2TB, so it has to be another conflict…

try this tool

… or this tool -xfdisk-

I heard that windows xp with SP1 does it?? ive read a lot of posts about hdd bigger than 120gb with windows xp cd…sasarchiver

My partition is 128gb, and another at 25.39gb. When i first got the drive, i fdisked it, as u do, actually i cant remember if i booted from floppy (win98 startup) or the xp cd…Mmmm dam cant remeber, anyways, when i did it first time, i only got my 128gb, then i went to disk manager and made the 25gb active then formated to NTFS…Does the winxp cd have the fdisk function for a new hdd?? SasArchiver