1608P3S DVD-RAM Compatibilty

I am looking at getting a 1608P3S for copying TV recorded on Panasonic DVD-RAM to DVD-R. Does anyone here do this and how well does it work?

I ask because I have an LG 4167B which renders the DVD-RAM disks unreadable in my DVD recorder. Not even reformatting helps - they become PC-only which is pain.

BTW, I’ve asked this question in the LiteOn forum as well.


It will work, but only after you have the necessary DVD-VR software/drivers installed.

Check the Pioneer support site, all info is there.

Got a URL for that site?

oh well---------------


The driver/tool is here:


Just a quick note. The Asus had the same problem. So I went out and scoured the city for a non-Panasonic DVD-RAM disk. I ended up finding an Imation 9.45GB disk. It worked perfectly. I could copy recorded TV to my PC and then reuse the disk in the recorder without out any problems.

So my money is on the Panasonic media being the cause of all these problems.