1600A > 1620 FW - New FW B7G9

I know some of your did an 1600 > 1620 with the 1620 FW…

How about B7G9 a real 1600 > 1620 FW?


Seen on that page.

look again
b7g9 is the conversion fw not real 1620 fw.
real 1620 beta fw is b7h9

@Blackmoon213: Old, very old news.

You can’t flash directly your 1600 to 1620 with B7H9 FW,
Everybody 's gone through B7G9 (1600 > 1620) first and after to B7H9 :slight_smile:

“H” is newer than “G” :wink:

Now we have a real 1620, so next update will be 1620 B7xx FW :iagree: