1600->1620A firmware

Here is a firmware allowed you to upgrade your DW1600A to DW1620A

is this an official release?

No! unofficial firmware

This is a beta-version. I’ll wait for the official firmware.
But thanks anyway.

Thanks a lot, ill try it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I just upgraded, here is a screenshot of dvdinfotool


I think what a lot of us would like to know, is how is it with -R media, and has it fried your drive yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice DearBear your the man when it comes to new firmware! :iagree:

one question though, can we still upgrade it again when offical firmware is released? I would hope so.


I didnt load it but ran flasher to point you can say yes or no and it says on screen once done you just flash 1620 fw after that, I been little scared to try it till im sure it wont hurt a drive.

Here is a new firmware for DW1620A, you can try to update B7G9B to B7H9
Press B7H9 to download it.

I’m not sure, you can try B7H9.

I will try to do that, ugrade to the newest firmware.

It says when I flashed that from now on, I should only flash with 1620 firmware.

I tried buring a dvd-r last night, vanguard disc, most crappy media ever made.
I burned on 4x (max). These discs are always unreadable at the end.

I got burned successfully, and drove a speed scan.
At the end of the disc there were read errors and massive speed drop, but
it always is with these discs. Im gonna try burning on some better media at monday. Im leaving for weekend. Ill try flash on monday too.

Just tried Princo 2x DVD-R. Came up as 2.4x in Nero which = crap. Although they support Princo 4x. Guess I’ll have to keep doing them in my laptop 'til I run out.

BenQ DW1620A
NEC ND-5500A

Well, the BENQ seems to be very picky on burning speed

ricoh discs 4x burn at 6x on nec2510, 4x on benq 1600
TY discs 4x burn at 8x on nec2510, 4x on benq 1600

which are all the available writing speeds for dvd+/-r?

Hi there,
I am wondering if 1610 (with firmware B8C9) can be flashed to 1620A? If so, which one should I use (B7G9B or B7H9)? Thanks!

I dont think either will load on 1610, they do checksum checks and I dont think it will match.

so is this one official?

I just received an email from Benq in which they say that the official release will have 16x -r :iagree: :bow: and that it will be released within a week or so.

thanks for the info wntr :slight_smile: