1600 ->1620 problem

I update the firmwre on 1600 to 1620 with B7H9. It is worked.
but then I upddate it with B7K9. It’s is so bad in my system.
I want to my 1600 with the old firmware.
How do I do? Thanks

Once you’ve upgraded to 1620 there’s no way back. What’s the problem? What do you mean with “it’s so bad in my system”???

because i use the B7K9 firmware, sometimes i can’t boot my system. If I removed 1600 from my system, then i could boot my system again.that is why I want to the old firmware back with my 1600.
help me !!!thanks…><"

Do you mean you want firmware B7H9 back or do you want to reverse the upgrade to 1620? If you want to go back to 1600 then that’s not possible. If you want to go back to firmware B7H9 then you must flash your drive with the B7H9 firmware.


Funny how i got this issue too. Using nForce2 mobo with latest IDE driver. :eek:

So I guess the answer is use Microsoft drivers. I did a HDTach performance test with nforce2 drivers and with MS drivers and it was better with the MS drivers. So if thaad has nforce2 drivers he should rollback his drivers to MS ones and maybe reflash the K firmware.

i had the same problem, couldn’t upgrade to B7K9 because of the latest nforce drivers, removed and flashed the drive. After flashing i reinstalled the nforce ide drivers but the system wouldn’t boot in windows half of the time. Removed the nforce ide drivers from control panel and everything is as stable as usual :slight_smile: