160 Gig Maxtor Hd Win Xp Problem Reads 127 Gig's!

can someone help me , winxp reads my 160 gig maxtor drive at 127 gigs, so i bought a highpoint rocket ata133 card and it still reads the same thing… :frowning:


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This might help.

Of course if the operating system partitioned the harddisk at 127GB in the first place , it doesn’t grow automatically to 160gb when you use a controller and proper drivers that can support it. You have to resize or remake the partition again.

yep go into admin tools & verify the disc is being seen as 156gb total including free space…if not you may have a MB bios issue…
the maxtor/promise ata133 cards will see 4x160gb maxtors in win2k & winXP as we have them installed in our systems that i can tell ya…