"16 years of alcohol" r1 problem



I had this happen tp me before with an animated film that had the film in angle 1 and the film again, only in storyboard form, in angle 2. When trying to back up this title, removing angle 2 (the entire film told with storyboards) does not remove it from the encoding. I can remove everything but the film, but when backing it up, the finished product shows the film for a few seconds, then the storyboards for a few seconds, then the film again, etc. I am using the latest versions of CloneDVD2 and Anydvd (2 8 2 1 and 5 1 1 1). Is this a CloneDVD2 problem? Has anybody encountered this problem before?


Do you ever try to AnyDVD v5.1.2.1?


Just did. Exact same problem. I’m guessing the problem lies with the way CloneDVD reads the files when dealing with alternate angles. Like I said, the only other time I had this problem was with an animated film (I just remembered which one: GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES). Even though CloneDVD lets you uncheck the angle that has the storyboards, they get encoded along with the actual film angle.