16 July 2005 - Downtime for rpc1.org (server is back up!)

At around 16:00 GMT today, 16 July 2005, the rpc1.org server stopped responding.

We have not yet determined the cause of the problem, as we are still awaiting a response from the company that physically hosts the server. We expect this downtime is temporary, but at the moment, we have no ETA on when it will be back. It might be a few hours or a few days.

Added note by code65536…

If the downtime persists, then I’ll starting mirroring some of the codeguys files, but at the moment, I don’t think that the downtime will be that long, and I don’t want to upload a lot of files for nothing…

Although we are not sure yet, it seems that the issue is just a corrupted boot record (same problem as last time :doh: ). It might be something else, but at the moment, that looks like the most likely candidate. Unfortunately, since none of the rpc1.org admins live even within a 1000 mile radius of the actual server, solving problems remotely like this via the hosting company may take a few days.

This sounds like there is really something wrong on this server. The bootsector should not change at all if nobody changes the kernel.
I suggest copying the bootsector (plus master boot record) to file when the server is running again. These files should be backup up by the administrator, so in case this happens again, the hosting company should be able to easily solve this problem with those files.

Well, the last time it got corrupted, the blame was pinned on the combination of LILO+RAID+SATA, which, from what people say about it, appears to be unstable. It is my understanding (I wasn’t very involved in the troubleshooting last time) that the problem was replicable last time, and we thought that we had it fixed. So the problem might be different this time around, and we won’t be able to tell for sure until we can get in and look at things closer. But so far, it’s looking like a repeat. We’ll definitely be keeping closer tabs on the MBR though, after this.

There is a temporary mirror here:
Removed Site is back up, so use http://codeguys.rpc1.org/

Files that are mirrored:

  • OmniPatcher and XFU
  • Stock combo firmwares for use with OP
  • PDS7/PFS3/PSX3
  • The various webpages themselves

The EEPROM Utility has always been mirrored at http://codeworks.cdfreaks.com/utilities.html

Edit: See post my next post in this thread (post #12) for additional mirroring information.

Other files will be mirrored upon request.

I am triying to download LiteOn SOHW-1693S KS09 - patched - crossflashing file because i want to flash my poor sony dvd burner and it seems that the link is broken, i need the file, please upload it. :bow:
Thaks u a lot guys your site is great!!! :clap:
(sorry for my english)

Please upload the 16P9S patched firmware, thanks.

sony 710a files please

@ darkzcloud and ramzeva.

Try HERE. c0deguys mirror at cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope rpc1.org will be up and running soon.

Pinto2 thanks a lot for your help but i did try that link before, the page shows the link to the driver i need but when i click it repors a broken link.
I supose that codeguys didnt upload those firmwares yet.
Anyways thanks a lot again…
rpc2.org get back quickly prease!!!

i would like to have patched version of latest firmware for liteon 1653s. thanks a million.

Okay, I’ve posted these stock firmwares:

  • KS09
  • CS0P
  • BYX4
  • FS09 (16P9S)

And this patched firmware:

  • CG5G

Need a patched firmware? Just download the stock firmware and patch with with OP. Need a stock firmware that’s unscrambled? Just flash your drive using the official flasher and then dump the firmware using LtnFW. You can then patch it and flash it back using LtnFW (this trick will work for most drives, except the newer combo and DVD-ROM drives… those are actually the only drives where it’s necessary for us to post a firmware… as I’ve said in previous threads, there never was that much of a need for us to provide any firmwares because it’s possible for any user to get firmwares themselves through LtnFW dumping).

I’m on dialup at the moment :sad:, so the fewer files I have to upload, the better. :stuck_out_tongue:

could you put up the sony 710a files please, the raw bin files, I had a friend flash his with some lite-on firmware and im trying to revert it back for him using mtkflash. If I could flash the stock into it I would but since its not recognized as a Sony I cant.

Um, the BYX4 package posted earlier (see #12) should already contains a .BIN file…

its now up :bigsmile: :bigsmile: