16 Blocks is copyable



I just got my hands on the above movie tonight and made a copy of it. I used the latest versions of Anydvd along with CloneDvd2. I was able to copy the entire movie along with extras. The final verdict is, it works. I am posting this cus I know when Tuesday hits people are going to say is the movie able to copy or not. Well I done it tonight and it is. Just for thoughts



that is right! this movie(reg 1) can be copy by almost any decrypter or ripper. just to check it, use a +rw, and use the following software: anydvd ripper to hard drive, fabdecrypter to hard drive, Decrypter to hard drive, shrink, clonedvd2 and recode2 are my favorite transcoders and they all did the job just fine.
ps: i only work from the hard drive, never from the disc itself, like it that way.