16:9 TMPGEnc help



I am having difficulty setting up a video to display properly on a 4:3 screen. All my attempts crop off the left and right sides to fill the screen verticly.

My source is 624x352 XviD square pixels and this is for NTSC

Question 1: What is the native resolution a source should be for DVD 16:9 video?
Is it 720x360 non-square
640x360 square?

Question 2: Is 16:9 mpg2 video actually 720x480 on disk and the player is either streatching it out horizontally to fit a true 16x9 display, or squashing it verticly to letterbox it on a 4:3 display?

Question 3: What do I need to set in TMPGEnc to get my 624x352 XviD square pixels to letterbox properly on a 4:3?

Select Format: NTSC(16:9)
Aspect Ratio: 1:1(VGA)
Clip Frame>Arrange Settings>Arrange Method: ??

I tried Full Screen but that cropped the edges like I mentioned.

Thanks very much for any help!



I’m a noob that doesn’t use TMPGEnc, but here’s something that will get it to display correctly on a 4:3 screen without harming the aspect ratio too much.

  1. Resize to 720 x 360.
  2. Add 60-pixel borders to the top and bottom.

There’s a small AR change (less than 1%), and I didn’t account for TV overscan on the left and right sides, but you get the picture.


Thanks for the input tropic. That has been my backup plan thus far. The only down side is then I have a true 4x3 mpg file which should look great on my 4:3 TV today, but if I get a 16:9 down the road I was hoping to optomize it to work with both.

I know it can be done, it’s how most of the professional pressed DVDs I have are set-up.

None the less excellent input, I appreciate it!


If you’re trying to preserve max quality you might want to go anamorphic instead. File sizes are going to be much larger, though.