16:9 Original = 4:3 Backup



Here is the problem. There are now two films that I have tried to backup, Armageddon - The Criterion Collection and Good Will Hunting - Miramax Collectors Series, both are widescreen originals and both come out as 4:3 when made backups.

Here is my setup. I rip the originals with DVDFab HD Decryptor (version using the Full Disc option. I then open the files ripped with DVDFab in DVDShrink and make an ISO. Finally, I burn that ISO with Nero.

The result is when I playback either backup, on my HP md5880 DLP rear projector from my Oppo 970-HD upconverting DVD player I get black bars on all four sides. I have tried switching output resolutions on my Oppo and I still get the same result.

I also tried playing back these backups on my MacBook Pro using the Apple DVD player. In Full Screen mode, I have black bars on all four sides just like on my Oppo. In window mode the window is 4:3 instead of 16:9. I also used the Apple DVD player Get Info option and it indicates that the video is 720x480 and the aspect ratio is 4:3.

I also tried playing back these backups on my PC using Nero Show Time and I get the same result. The Nero Info Tool also reports these backups as being 4:3.

I have now tried two separate originals for both discs and the problem remains. I only have this issue with these two titles so far. Backups I made prior to these two discs using this same setup have worked fine and also backups I have made since of different titles have worked fine.

I tired making a reauthored backup of Armageddon first on a DVD5 and then the second time I tried making a full backup to a dual-layer DVD9. I had the same problems with both.

On Good Will Hunting, I tried the Main Movie option in DVDFab instead of Full Disc and I still had the black bars on all four sides.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Try following this tutorial to flag your video as 16:9.


I’m not sure about Good Will Hunting but I know that Armageddon, even though it states on the box that it’s widescreen is actually 4:3 lb. I have found over 20 movies in my collection like this. DVD Rebuilder can correct this.