16:9 not maintained from AVI to DVD through ConvertXtoDVD and Nero +washed-out


I have a video project filmed and rendered in 16:9 using Sony Vegas. I then used ConvertXtoDVD, using automatic (it looks as if the aspect ratio is maintained when processing) aspect ratio setting. Finally, I used Nero to burn the files to DVD.

But… the DVD still shows up as 4:3 on my widescreen TV. Changing the setting (on the tv) to Wide does makes the project look ok sizewise - but the color tone substantially weakens and it looks somewhat washed out.

My questions are:

  1. How can I make the tv automatically understand that it’s 16:9, which it does on regular DVDs as well as projects I’ve made (on other computers) with DVD Studio Pro?

  2. Why do the colors look washed out when the tv is set to widescreen, even though the aspect ratio looks fine (it’s the other way around in 4:3 or zoom mode - bad ratio but good colors)

I would be extremely grateful for a quick reply!

/ Dan A (Stockholm, Sweden)