16/10/40 CDRW-drive

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Source: Romstore

Sanyo officialy announced the new 16/10/40 CDRW-drive
Normally Plextor buy their opticals OEM from Sanyo, and so it’s very likely that we can soon buy a 16/10/40 Plextor drive…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/889-16_10_40-CDRW-drive.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/889-16_10_40-CDRW-drive.html)

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great news. I’m thinking of upgrading my 2x drive. A 16x Plextor would sure be nice.

Coastie, I know how you must feel. I also still got a 2X drive. Bought it two and a half yrs ago. Cost me about 650 DM. It was worth it.

yet another 2X cdr burner here

that romstore place could be lying but i wanna upgrade badly and soon … but not to a 12X cdr … something like 16X will siut me better

plextor is the bomb … burnproof rox … i used it @ my firends house the other day!

its sweeeeeeeeet


I now have a 2X, a 4X & an 8X burner…yes, a 16X would look nice between it!
But are there 10X cd-rw’s for sale??

I recently bought a cheap 4x4x32 CD burner at a Staples sale, and sold my 2x2x6 on a sale message board.
Buy.com has hard to find Verbatim 10x CD-RW media in stock for $9.95 for a 5 pack.

The Yamaha has 8MB buffer compared to Sanyo/Plextor’s 4MB. At 16x I personaly think 8MB is a must.

But is the Yamaha fully supported by CloneCd?
I think, and so will allot of other people, that a Plex is the best!!!


Well the new yammi supports “DAO RAW” but i dont know if it is fully supported by CloneCd.

As far as I recall the Yamaha burner doesn’t support BURNproof.

I have a Yamaha SCSI 8x write and I have burned most new games that are our right now with clonecd. No problems ever. Most drives are good, to say that Plextor is the best is an opinion, not fact. I have used Yammie for years and I never get buffer underruns. They do make good drives and they work awesome with Clone.

I have a Plex 12x10x32 (IDE ) for 3 months now and that one only has a 2MB buffer. I never had any bad burns with it and I copied over a 1000 CDs by now with it.
4 MB for the 16x is more than enough I think.

why look at the buffer when u have a burnproof writer?


The reason we look at the buffer for a burn-proof writer is actually very important.
Imagine burning at 12x when you have burn-proof but only a 2MB buffer ----) you would actually get constant bufferunderruns —) thus enabeling burn-proof function —) slower writing —) I think when we buy a 12x writer we want to burn at 12x, won’t we?

Quote: why look at the buffer when u have a burnproof writer?

I think the buffer still matters. Not so much because of making coasters, but if you have a nice new 16x (or 12x for that matter) drive, why should you have to wait to fill the buffers. Burnproof is great, but it can slow down the burn process. Yes it will stop you from getting a coaster, but no sense in effectivily having your new 12x-16x drive finishing a disk at the same time as a 8x.

Stevie, you mush have just beat me by a few seconds. Looks like you and I have the same thoughts on the buffer.

As I said: My plex 12x only has a buffer of 2MB.
The Burnproof hardly kicks in, only when I’m playing a game while burning, but this also would happen when my Plex had a 4MB buffer.
Ofcourse, the bigger the buffer the better, but it costs alot more too!

Hi there , i have a plex 12/10/32 to for just two monhts and even i dont have any troubles whit it,a had problems whit my old rewriter a HP8210i.
so i think plextor is a good drive.(for now)
Bye the way we have Princo cd-r`s 12x so no problems,and they only are;74min.F2.25/80min.F2.50.
=Dutch guilder!!


I’ve got a Plexbaby 12x10x32, running on an old system: P166 @ 200 MHz, 48 MB, Seagate 4.3 GB Medalist. I burn at 12x, without problems and WITHOUT the burnproof option selected. Buffer is always 100% filled. I made over 250 CD’s this way, not one coaster. I was’t sure if a 2 MB buffer would be enough for my slow system, but I took the risk and with succes…

Yamaha 8 MB buffer…This is because it Yammies aren’t burnproof…