15PK Philips DVD+R *MID CMC MAGF01* $3.99



Available at Circuit City, Picked some up myself, they will burn @ 8X on my Benq 1620


can you scan a burnt disc with your benQ and post the scan?? Because I have CMC MAG AE01 (Philips Inkjet printable), terrible quality on the BenQ


@ghetocowboy: Check the Media Forum under DVDR Tests. Should be some burn/scan posts with the BenQ DW1620A of this media under the CMC Mag DVD+R’s thread somewhere. I think I posted a scan or two there. :bigsmile:


Here’s the link to B’s scan:

Seems to be worth a fews bucks. But, I can’t find them on the CC web page so maybe it’s only at selected stores?


in my area in ohio, it i advertised o the front page of the ad, an in my local tore they had 100’s of them :slight_smile:


Thank you, I checked the PAPER ad and it was there so maybe I’ll swing by and try a few before a larger purchase.


I don’t think that scan’s anything to write home about (not a fan of >1000 PIF), but I guess the price ain’t bad. That’s how my E01s burn - I’m trying to finish them off, never to buy CMC again.


Well, considering it’s 4x media that was being burned at 8x I’d say it held up pretty well. Very low PIE’s and 1228 PIF’s isn’t that terrible. If you’d burn them at 4x the results will most likely be a little better. I like the Philip’s media because of the Silver Matte surface since Silver Matte is a lot less likely to scratch and get marks on it then Silver Lacquer or Shiney Silver surfaces would.


I got a 25 spindle at CC last week
turned out to be cmcE01
Burn great @ 8x on my Plextor 712a
Best Jitter of any disc i’ve seen



just to point out that Braxas and adict2jane are using 2 different MIDs…Braxas is oversped MAG F01 and adict2jane is certified speed MAG E01.


I just realized this is 4x media - duh! I’d avoid it, in that case - you should be able to score cheap 8x-certified media (like CMC E01s) on sale for about the same price. I’m not buying CMC again period, but I wouldn’t buy any 4x media today, unless it was free or cheap TY.


crap my bad…