1500 DVD and more I need to manage in a professional way

Hi all,
Am new to your forums but from what I have seen so far, its one of the best my thanks to managers and contributors.

So my challenge is simple, for long time I kept my audio/video collection that I collect using a PC in a PC, and DVDs that I buy are next to my small home theater, but now I decided to have them digitized because am afraid that I may loose them due decay (even CD/DVD will be dead some day).

But my challenge grew a bit harder, I got so many DVD ripping and managing software’s and all the sort of copying decoding you name it, all these tools were great for a person with a PC and huge HDD . But not my wife :smiley:

One day she said to me, why don’t you get a hardware that do all this work for you, of course she wants the easy way to store her DVDs and CDs in portable device. And boom she has Archos 7 now.

Now I feel jealous and I want a toy like that, even though am the one who purchased it for her but I didn’t feel that Archos would be a professional tool for my style.

My question: is there a single “big-boys-toy” that I can use to store my ever growing 1500+ DVD, with features better than Archos 7 especially quality management (something of DVD quality, not MPEG4) and can keep up with more than 700GB. I don’t mind if its portable or big enough to set on but not as expensive as the huge NAS/SAN solutions used by TV stations :stuck_out_tongue:

A NAS with videoformat player capabilities…

IF you want to store that many movies without any compression (and I assume you want to keep the extras too), you are probably looking at 10 TB easy. I would either build an htpc or a media server computer (SD video will stream fine over even a cheap 10/100 wired network to any computer in your house). You can easily connect a computer directly to a tv, even in 1080p HD. With the right video card (doesn’t need to be expensive), you can upscale all your ripped dvd’s to the native format of your tv too (if it is an HD tv).
If you want something portable like the archos, the archos can also access an htpc or media server wirelessly so you can get all your content on it (I’m not sure how reliable it is, I found wireless network video streaming a bit unreliable).

You are basically looking at the cost of a computer (or you can upgrade one you have), plus about 100$ per TB for hard drives. Maybe 40$ minimum for a video card if you use an existing computer and its video card is not good enough or doesn’t have the right outputs. Maybe about the same or less minimum for a sound card if the sound is not up to what you want too.

Be aware that you can compress dvd’s and make them a bit smaller with very little quality loss (most dual layer disks will fit on a single layer disk with compression). You might also want to rethink using mpeg4 if you want to save space. h.264 is one of the newest mpeg4 compressions and it is used with blueray. it can compress a dvd less than half the size with no quality loss. dvd uses mpeg2 which is a rather old, out dated format. The only disadvantage to h.264 is the long time it takes to convert it.

Something like this might be an option too.

Thanks all, I think my first impression was right… nothing portable yet is available to do all that.

I guess am back to drawing table… NAS and media server here I come