$150, which dvd-player?



Well I have a $150 to spare for a PC DVD-Player which I am going to use to rip DVDS. Im a newbie to the DVD-Rip scene, thats why I ask. I want to rip my DVDs in hi quality format if that matters of which player I should by.




Wow, 150?? I just got a new dvd player + decoder* for about $60 total. ; ) rips DVD’s just fine. it can even read/rip the 8+ gig dvd’s. www.pricewatch.com look for DVD, then “kits”. ; ) (you dont need a decoder card to rip dvd’s…unless you plan to rip/convert them to vhs.) hope I saved ya some $$.

    • found the same decoder for $40 and high as $60–so to me it was a great deal–plus I allready own this card (Real Magic/Sigma Design’s Hollywood Plus) so far this card hasnt given me any troubles–as for the dvd player…its great.


Shit! PriceWatch.com has some great prices on Computer Parts. Hmm sounds suspicous, looks a littile to cheap. What kind of place is this, is it like a Overstock stuff or just used stuff. Looks great though, I might purchase my hard drives from them. Also when buying a DVD-Player, are thier certain things I need to look for like, how fast it reads, hardware brand, etc. What do yall think about this DVD-Player, click here.


blech!! Tiger Direct—bad experiences with those guys…sure the problem was solved…but it took quite a bit of time.
as for Pricewatch. its basically just a search engine…but every one of the compaines i ordered from were pretty friendly (I order a LOT–$1600 last month), and everything came though. you GOTTA watch the shipping!!! (Espically on NIC’s… I paid more for S&H than what the NIC cost its self) ; )
as for the compaines…if you want to be sure…call their tech support. ; ) or any of the 800 #'s they have. Its toll free, and you can see if it works or not. And make sure that when your on the page where your supposed to enter a CC# that it has some type of encryption. =) (i’m pretty sure that all of them do–but you can never be TOO sure)


Pricewatch is a good site, and believe it or not - Windrivers.com
has a listings of sites with the prices along with of course - you guess windows drivers. That is what I check daily to check memory prices and what not.


Yeah, I thouht windrivers had something like that, but if ya look at the print on their site:

“All CPU & Memory
Prices From:

; Þ


I usually dont look at a lot of the things on there just the prices…
And damn there was a computer show but I couldnt go - no money, but the last one I went had some killer prices on memory


yeah, now if only i could have gotten my gig of ram for less than $140. sigh well, its better than a few years back where it was about a dollar per meg. Remember THOSE days??


Er… …www.hardwarezone.com is a very useful site :slight_smile:


Yeah I actually remember that and when it was a lot higher. It has fallen through the floor along with prices of burners…


Pioneer all the way!
I’ve read (i think in cdrlabs.com) that the SCSI version (10x) is the best unit for DVD Ripping out there. Don’t know if this is true…