150 Packs 4x Dvd+r For $27.99+free Shipping

Thetechgeek has a promotion on 150 packs 4X speed 4.7 GB DVD+R for only $27.99 and Free Shipping.
Media Type: DVD+R for General, Write-once format DVD
Conform to DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc Ver. 2.0 (4.7GB)
Recording Speed: 1X, 2X, 4X
Video recording time (4.7GB): 60min ~ 120min(depend on user)
If you are interested, you can go to https://www.thetechgeek.com/content/product.php?pid=5231

No Coupon Required
Quantity: 150

any idea what the media code is?

If these are the same as what I purchased a few weeks ago, the media code is “MEDIAID001”. They write at 4x in my Benq 1620, and at 8x in my Nec 2500 (with Herries 107V2B5 firmware), and at 8x in my Nec 3500 with the latest Liggy/Dee beta firmware.

A transfer rate test falls off rather dramatically towards the end. CDSpeed Disc Quality Test will fail (error) on the Benq 1620. My Liteon 1213@1633 will complete a kprobe test, and the results are within acceptable limits, although not pretty. The main thing is that movies recorded on these discs will play perfectly on all 4 of my settop players.

I paid $19.99 for 100 with free shipping, and was impressed enough that I went back and bought another 100.


Here is a kprobe scan of one I recorded at 8x on my Nec 3500 with the Liggy/Dee beta firmware.

yeah, that’s exactly the same as you bought, but when you buy 100 packs, will add up 50 packs more for free when check out.

by the way, they have another good deal going on for 50 packs of 2.4x Speed 4.7GB DVD+RW for only $19.99 and Free Shipping. Book version: DVD Specifications for Re-recordable Disc Version 1.1 Link: https://www.thetechgeek.com/content/product.php?pid=5733&cid=6

Quantity: 50
No Coupon Required
Free Shipping

I have way more media than what I really read need at the moment but if you look in the BenQ forum you can probably use MediaCodeSpeedEdit and get these to burn at 8x with relatively decent results. I’d try using the Philips 081 strategy, if there is no strategy listed for these in the firmware (which would be my guess) then just rename the Philips 081 strategy to the strategy for these discs and give it a go. I got OptodiscOR4 to burn with great results using Philips 081 strategy at 8x. :wink: