15 Web Browsers Tested and Benchmarked


What a joke of a test site…I had my guess it was going to say Chrome for some odd reason before I even went there?? And why testing beta software those provide no real bases for comparison or reviews. I find it odd the chrome and opera that is hardly used is up at the top of the list. Two broswer that not to many users use so far and they give it high marks must mean it is good. Not in my game book…so far the leaders are still IE, FF…not chrome/opera.

Legit Reviews, LLC

NOTE: [/B] That LLC should make one wonder why are they LLC and not .com or .net. or .org to give them some legitimacy?? I take their review with a grain of salt to rub into a cut…

Legit Reviews is actually a well known and respected site.

They make no claim as to the “best browser” in this review only the fastest/quickest and they are ranked according to the testing methodology used.

Personally I have tried most of the browsers mentioned in this article and even though each has its bright spots I always come back to FF and IE as my favorites. But it is nice to see that there are so many possibilities to choose from.

I debate the validity of their numbering methods.

According to some of those tests Chrome is four times as fast.

Yet the differences though numerically great ate in al cases a small fraction of a second that
no HUMAN is ever going to detect observing “seat of the pants” .

That and I’ve used Chrome, not real fond of the way it handles bookmarks
so I removed it.

If someone throws a bomb at you that is impact fuzed does it matter if the fuze detonates
it in, 400milliseconds? 40milliseconds? or for that matter four?

Same thing applies to browsers. provided the computer loads the page in less than
a second it really doesn’t matter. and most of the delays are NOT from your computer or browser but delays from the remote source.