15-Pack Verbatim 8x DL Media - $25.49 AR - Free Shipping


BAM!!! Add google checkout to that and that would be a great deal. Packaging almost suggest MII though so it makes me a little wary but at that price I would take the risk.

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;1945927]Packaging almost suggest MII though so it makes me a little wary…[/QUOTE]

Why does it suggest MII? All Verbatim packaging has been redesigned to a uniform standard globally, irrespective of the country of origin. The material fact is that the 8x MKM 003s are still made exclusively in Singapore. Unless Buy.com is engaged in blatantly false advertising, that is what you will get.

Good to know. It just looked a lot like the stuff that is now coming out of India. :wink:

is that sure MIS ? with google Checkout offer is too tempting :iagree:

Yup, as it sits right now all of the 8x official rated stuff is still all MIS. So this media is the ONLY option you have if you want guaranteed MIS DL media. With google checkout and prior to rebate it works out to roughly $1.44 a disc and after the $6 MIR it works out to roughly $1.04 a disc. Either way it’s an incredible deal for 8x official media and to have guaranteed MIS, you simply can’t beat it at this point.

I’m new to using this site’s rapid share of discount info so I’m sorry if this is a basic question. But what is MII and MIS?

Nevermind I figured it out…Made In India Made In Singapore…but…

Is the India made Verbatim poor quality?

MII=Made In India and MIS=Made In Singapore. Made In India discs are in fact made by Moser Baer who has questionable quality standards for DL media. MIS=Mitsubishi Kagaku Media (MKM) who has the highest possible quality and manufacturing standards for double layer media. The only way to tell the country of origin is by checking the the label on the package next to the UPC symbol.