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Please forgive the sarcasm here, but these are coming off new high prices after black friday sales of last November… not much of a deal. So much for technology getting cheaper in the new year… could take almost another year for the supply/demand to affect pricing correctively in the consumers’ favor.

The prices have seemed to shipwrecked on some plateau - $60-ish for low-end and $90+ for more feature-laden products.

I read some industry pundit say they believe HDD sales will fall “12%” this year and our customers have been waiting for 1-2 years for massive capacity upgrades, all holding because of the high-prices of HDDs.

Toshiba just delivered us a bakers’ dozen of $125 3Tb drives, and we’ve used those to build two RAID5 boxes (6 drives each, with the spare drive as a "cold replacement on whichever box fails first).

Six RAID5s give us 15Tb of total storage, but we only go to 60% capacity on any RAID5, so that’s only about 8Tb of actual storage. That’s OK but it’s still a fairly small media-center capacity for a family with kids, or a daily-working recording studio.

Even 4Tb drives would be small-ish there, and among our recording studio clients. That’s why they have several, I suppose. But they’re all pushing 60-65% capacities on 2Tb-disk systems now.

Sure wish those 4Tb prices would plummet, and get us into much larger capacities soon thereafter.

As others have pointed out, ODD demand is waning due to consumer fatigue at current price levels. When most people are concered with more important matters like filling up the gas tanks and getting gouged in other places (by banks, insurance companies, grocery stores, etc)… optical media & drives at such high prices don’t seem as important in the grand scheme of life. Most poor people will have to probably shell out a few hundred $$ on health insurance for next year as well in the USA…