15 more till he hits the 10,000th!

Still 9,999. Da_Taxman waiting for something? :wink:

Tax is probably writing a 2 page speech.

Waiting for me to join at 10K!

He dares not post anymore…
As Domi said, he isn’t too keen on people watching the post count…

So let’s see how long he can keep up this non-posting (without editing his post count, wouldn’t be the first time he does that)… I say that it will take only 1 more day…

You lose!


(oh…this alone was worth spending my dreaded 10k post on a moderation thing…)

congrats Tax!!!:slight_smile:

Well done, you deserve it.

happy 10,000, but remember, DN beat you by 3,000+ posts :slight_smile:

this is the second time tax has hit 10K posts, because when we were all waiting for DN, tax changed his count and mocked us all :wink: