15 more till he hits the 10,000th!

He’ll probably write a long winded post on how much the post count doesn’t matter but Da_Taxman only needs 15 more posts before he hits the 10k :eek:

That’s a lot and a good time to thank him for all the work he has done on our forums. It will and would never be the same without him! Thanks for all the help you have given us (me and all the other staff members) and I hope you’ll stay around for a lot more years!

Congrats Tax :smiley:

Without Da_Taxman, it would have been DoMiN8ToR who is the most evil here. :slight_smile:

Third to hit 10,000th post. All three Dutch.

I think I have a little catching up to do. :wink:

Wow! Thanks for all the contributing on the forums, Tax.

Yay, Taxie! I think we should also thank a certain someone who’s been helping accelerate his posting rate recently… :wink:

I’m almost reaching the 300 posts goal :stuck_out_tongue: only 9700 to go. congrats Tax :wink:

Of course Tax is long winded…but thats because he pays attention to each and every detail…I’m sure his post count would have reached 10,000 with out me being here…but i’m glad to be a part of this board…and maybe one day I’ll reach that …
but till then …way to go Tax…hun…you amaze us all…

Congrats on that amazing milestone. Thanks for the work.


SS is at 29 posts per day :eek:

woohoo …

Damn, he is probably writing something REALLY big :stuck_out_tongue:

its either something really really big…or a big cleaning day…at the CD FREAKS!!! :rolleyes:

Ah yes, he mentioned the cleaning here :slight_smile: I wouldn’t like to be in his place at that time :smiley: must be funny to see old stuff, but also boring :frowning:


It’s nice to hit the 10K… remember it faintly :slight_smile:

Are you sure you don’t mean amuse? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, she’s slowing down in her old age! :wink:

PS. congrats on the 10k Tax :smiley:

congrats tax

ben i know i’m slacking off…now that theres a chat where i can go…takes away from the post count…but thanks for noticing…

Congrats Tax, you sure speed up your post count the last weeks, we all know why. :wink:

(just to be sure, it’s not meant offending in what kind of way)

Tax is now on 9,999 posts. I guess he’ll make the 10,000 before i’m awake in the morning. :slight_smile:
Congrats Tax

He’s viewing this thread right now. :iagree: