15 minutes Lead-In with Nero 6... help!

Maybe it’s my Nero installation, but my new BemQ DW1620 needs 15 minutes (and always this time) to complete the lead-in procedure, either if I burn 2 MB or 2GB.

I have uninstalled Nero and re-installed, but it’s the same. How can I do?

The firmware is the official B7T9 and I run WinXp SP1 and Nero ver.


What discs are you using. I have long lead in’s when I use cheap discs.

Yes, I’m using cheap “Cd Media” 4x discs (ID: AN31). These discs have always been used successfully with an old Pioneer DVR-104 and a Matsushita UJ-811, so I believed they was good with this BenQ too.

I hope this problem will vanish with the Verbatim 16x I’ve ordered…


I think the AN31 discs are the ones that benQ has problems with they did release a firmware to fix this but even that doesnt fix the problem that those discs are very cheap ones.

AN31’s cannot be used in the BenQ. I have a sindle of 100 here that get used on my slow 2x laptop drive only, the BenQ just will not work correctly with them.

Yep, stay away from the real cheap media like the Media001’s, AN31, LongTen, etc. Stick with known “good” media and you won’t have that 15 minute lead in issue. When I use my Optodiscs for various things (4x DVD-R’s) I need about a minute to write the lead-in on my BenQ. If I throw in a Taiyo Yuden or a Ridata it takes it about 13 seconds to write the lead-in. :wink:

B7S9 firmware for cheap media.

Didn’t have any luck with that firmware and my AN31’s but it is supposed to help.

Don’t have any more AN31, they are ultra cheapo imo, coaster for LG4040/4081 and I think they disappeared altogather here in Toronto, the only burner I heard that can handle them is the NEC 25xx.

B7S9 works wonder with another ultra cheapo Yi Jhan 001, C$10/50 (ultra long lead in with T9 firmware and won’t burn over 3G with P9 firmware)

S9 also works wonder with other better cheapo like VDSPMSAB01, Onidtech and Longten.

IMO, most if not all burner works fine with good media like TY, Maxell, etc etc it is the cheapo that define if it is a good burner or not, that was why the NEC 25xx was so popular and will be the case for 1620 (S9 firmware)