15 DL coasters with Benq1620! What's wrong?

I have had a Benq1620 for about 4 years with absolutely no problems. Now I am trying to burn Phillips DL DVD+R disks and they just will not burn! I have the latest firmware (B7W9) and have defraged the HDD. I have tried Clone CD, Clone DVD 2 (both with AnyDVD), DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, etc. Nothing will work. It is becoming very frustrating. Single layer disks burn very well, but I’m wondering if there must be something wrong here that I’m not seeing. With the DL burns, the write seems to usually stop at the 50% mark, right where the layer break should be.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot

Verbatim +R DL 2.4x media is really the only option for successful burning. I say 2.4x as this is the only one supported by B7W9.

Where did you find the info about Verbatim 2.4 being the only supported media?
This seems like a pretty heavy restriction to be placed on users.


This is not what he meant. :disagree: He means that only Verbatim DL media is really reliable, which I certainly backup, and this is valid for any burner. Most DL media on the market is crap.

The limitation he refers to with the 1620 is that you can’t burn DL faster than 2.4X (this I can’t confirm, I don’ have a 1620), so he advises to buy 2.4x media because other models are unecessary and more pricey.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Just to add further clarification to the above. In the last available firmware for the 1620 (B7W9) the only Verbatim DL media supported and therefore with a defined write strategy is the 2.4x version.
Without a defined write strategy the chances of successful burns is seriously reduced (generally).

So my Phillips DL DVD+R media are 8x. The reason they are not burning correctly is because they are 8x disks? Would I have more success with any 2.4x media or just Verbatim? I realize Verbatim is probably the leader, but why would a DL DVD writer be so limited for DL media, but burn virtually any single layer media?

Please re-read…:

I can also confirm that the only dl layer media that burns ok with the Benq 1620 is Verbatim. The others are a complete waste of money. I get better results with firmware B7V9 rather than B7W9.

For the money you just wasted you could of bought a new burner, time to retire that dinosaur!!
I have owned many burners and i like the 1640 the best, my new Liteon 201ap is close…waiting for the BenQ 2000 firmware

I think you are right! Although the disks were on sale for about $1 apiece, I am very disappointed in this drive. I bought it specifically because it was DL even though DL disks weren’t readily available (or affordable) at that time.

I called Benq Canada helpline, and he told me I had to change the firmware to G7V9. However the burner will not take the firmware. Benq says it is a bulk drive and not a retail drive, however it has always shown up in the device manager as DD DW 1620 - indicating a retail drive.

Nonetheless, it is a piece of junk for DL burning. Great burner for single layer, but I think I am leaning towards a new Pioneer.

The 1620 is not a piece of junk, it’s just that you’re not using compatible Dual Layer media.

As we keep pointing out the 2.4x Verbatim +R DL media is the only one to use on your burner that’ll give decent results.

Even upgrading to , say , the Pio 111 & using non-Verbatim DL +R media will really get you no further forward.

Let it be, [B]TimC[/B]… [B]willise [/B]has obviously decided that his 1620 is the culprit, we won’t change his mind. Let’s let him have it his way, and eventually he’ll learn about the mess that is DL media quality and compatibility, and maybe next time he’ll be more open to the help he can get from experienced users. :slight_smile:

Agreed, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Actually I did buy a 3 pack of the Verbatim disks and after ruining 2 I decided that it was indeed the burner. Both disks hung at the 50% mark - as did the other cheaper disks. I am not a newbie to this stuff as I have burned hundreds of disks, just that none of them have been DL. Now, both the remaining verbatim and the again, cheaper, Phillips disks both burned fine in my laptop burner.

I really appreciate your input, but is it so hard to believe that it is the burner?

Thanks anyway.

My new Liteon 201ap failed a DL burn at 94%!!! ARGH!, dont feel bad.

If you really use alot of DL, I would go with Pioneer 111L and use my BenQ 1620 for SL media.

That’s good advice.

I have this exact same problem with Phillips 8x DL media that I purchased through Future Shop here in Canada. From what I’ve heard, these discs are quite excellent, but it would seem since BenQ has unfortunately decided they’re not going to bother updating their firmware for the 1620 any longer, that we are kind of SOL when it comes to newer faster speed discs.

Haven’t the scans for the 112D been very good for DL? Or is the 111 better?

Sounds like a drive problem for sure. I have two 1620s that I’ve had since they first appeared. Both of them I use as my primary burners over all others(even a recent NEC and LIteOn I have). They both have buyed about 1000+ dvd+r disk each in their life. The few DL disk I burned have been good. I’ve actually gotten good results with some Riteks but the quality can vary by package.

TimC makes it sound like verbatim is the only supported DL media in the firmware. Maybe its not what he meant but I wanted it clarified. There are other supported media in the firmware but the only one supported at 4x is the verbatim.