15 Arrested in Raids on CD Distributors

I just posted the article 15 Arrested in Raids on CD Distributors.

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NEW YORK (Variety) - Police have made two major raids on CD counterfeiting operations in Manhattan.

The busts, announced last week,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/817-15-Arrested-in-Raids-on-CD-Distributors.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/817-15-Arrested-in-Raids-on-CD-Distributors.html)

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To Bad

America…pfff who gives a damn

I know this makes me sound like a boring goverment loving ass hole but I’m not.

I’m not too upset about those guys getting busted. I mean every single piece of software I have is warez and most of my music is mp3’s but I don’t agree with people ripping off the music industry to make cash.
They’re just turning into the same greedy fuckers that the music industry is. At least the music industry actually has to do some work and so do the artists.

Those guys just rip a song that took the artist a lot of work and effort and just sell it for pure profit and are at the same time depriving the artist of their rightful dues.

I have no problem with people taking it personally but I don’t aprove too heavily of guys who are doing it to turn a hefty profit.

One other thing…

I look up to and admire hackers who hack the system and software because they don’t like how greedy and corrupt the who industry and system has become.
I don’t admire guys who do it just because they’re too lazy to work to make their cash and they’d rather let someone else do all the work and then just steal his idea and hard work to make themselves a pretty penny.

Warez in itself is a good thing I think personally because if it wasn’t for warez I’d never have had a chance to use all the major appz like photoshop and learn how to use them and so it would have made it 1000x harder for me to find a job after I graduate. If your using the software to turn a hefty profit however you should pay for it as the guy’s who worked their ass off to make it deserve some recognition for all their hard work.

MS however never deserve to be paid for their OS as they just make a shit piece of software that is full of flaws and bugs and the only reason it is the main used one is because they have a total monopoly.

FUCK MS and their shit OS’s!!

I agree with nila -

the only prob is that if u do pay then it aint gonna be the hard workin programmer who gets the £££ its gonna be some bill gates loser.

don’t you think there should be a programmers charity that hackers and phreakers and burners can volunterily contribute to?

i do think it is wrong making a living out of other peoples work though. it aint just other peoples work either - it makes us honest pirates work harder to beat the extra copy protectoin that has had to be invested in -

down with people selling pirated software - my max price is £1 for anything anyway. cdfreaks is about everyone getting to use software for free not about easy pounds£££.


What’s going on at CDFREAKS?
The normal max-5-lines postings are becoming entire essays!

where are the days of just our honest opinion and not a speech about morals… :smiley:

I think these guys deserve getting busted, of you deal in that proportions, you’re a big time criminal! that’s not what the warez industry s all about!

Fuck fuck fuck but it is america who care’s about america.
Go iraq go iraq