15,000 pirated DVDs seized

Recently in this fair city down under, the local police seized a sophisticated piracy ring? Note the equipment used here is one machine capable of duplicating a mere 21 a time only! Of the DVD’s siezed some consisted of movies not released locally yet together with some Porn, breakdown of numbers remain unstated. Here in Australia, all movies for general public salerequire a classification certificate from the Australian Censorship Board. extract from article=" VICTORIAN police have seized about 15,000 DVDs in raids they say uncovered a sophisticated pirating operation.

Thousands of pirated DVDs were found in Melbourne yesterday when police searched a DVD store in Hawthorn, two houses in Preston and a house in Reservoir.

At one of the houses in Preston police say they found equipment capable of copying 21 DVDs at a time." link =http://www.heraldsun.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5478,12634141%255E1702,00.html


VICTORIAN police have seized about 15,000 DVDs

Why that made me laugh i just dont know :slight_smile:

Apparently they haven’t heard of just in time manufacturing. Well, at least the selection of movies at the prisons ought to improve.

Haha, very true.

I wonder if there were any ones I would like in there… :slight_smile:

The shawshank redemption perhaps? :slight_smile: