146th comic - CDFreaks *Special* comic - the big fat cat who loved to eat!

Heya everybody,

I just couldn’t resist creating a new comic for our beautiful CDFreaks-crew! OK I think you just have to read it for yourself… nothing more to say…
… a new week has started and here’s the new comic:

I hope you gimme feedback!

PS: Who will be the fastest feedback poster now??

:iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Hey Hey Hey. I’m surprised the CDF crew remembered to feed him.

Nice one there.

LOL. :bow:

Nice one Alex.

Damn, again to slow. :wink:

Nice one… :slight_smile:


Whoa! Great! :bow:

:bigsmile: ET :bigsmile:

Nice, really nice :slight_smile: