140th comic - Garfield vs. Mrs. Feeny's brother... the back door!



Heya everybody,

yesterday when Garfield opened the door he met Mrs. Feeny’s brother… oh boy I really think the brother is angry… :iagree: :iagree: - OK so here is the newest comic to show how the story will go on:
So everybody I hope you really enjoy this comic as much as I did! :iagree: :iagree:

I still don’t know what topic to choose for a poll but I’m quite sure somebody of you got a good idea?? Then please tell me!



same as always: a great one!!


As H3rB3i already mentioned great comic Alex :iagree: :smiley: :bigsmile:


Nice one! :bow:



It all building up. Can’t wait. Keep up the great work Rylex.


What he (they) said.