13y Old CD-R Scan

Just found this old CD-R that I recorded just under 13 years ago!!!

Kodak Writable CD with InfoGuard Protection System, still looking good for its age! :clap:

Now scanned with a BenQ…

Lite-On DVD writers are not capable of scanning CD-R.
Please use a Lite-On CD writer, or a Plextor, BenQ or NEC DVD writer.
Yes, the 1655 would be much more suitable.
(Sorry for busting the bubble.)

Just re-scanned with a BenQ.

Oh yes, still looks good. :slight_smile:
Is it a 71 or 74 minute CD-R?

Not sure if its a 71 or 74… didn’t know you could get 71 minute discs. Nothing on the disc or case to indicate its capacity.

CDSpeed disc info…

Wow, very nice! I think this is the oldest scan I’ve seen on here :eek: :clap:

Very nice indeed! :bigsmile:
My oldest burn would probably be a PSOne Game dating 1997.
I should scan it, brb after I find it lol.

Good idea XND1n01h, would be interesting to see some other old media scans.

Not sure how well some of my first DVD burns will scan in 13 years :rolleyes:

Haha, yeah that’s true.

Look forward to seeing that scan, XND1n01h :iagree:

Looks to be the same capacity as this disc:

550MB/63 Min


Nice to see quality media will [I]possibly[/I] meet the longevity claims :smiley:

Ok here’s one that I found,
Ritek Co. Cyanine T1 - Long Strategy Type
TDK 650mb 74min (97m31s01f)

Not sure what year 1998-99,
Still looking for that OG disc…

The Kodak Infoguard CD-Rs that I have used are very stable as long as you use them for archiving and not for daily use. The reflective layer at the top of the disc is unprotected and very fragile - at least the ones I have used.

I don’t think I have one quite as old as 13 years, however. Most of mine are from 1999.

I’ve had a few Kodak InfoGuard CD-R media go bad due to the reflective layer peeling off in flakes from scratches on the top, and a few more becoming unreadable because I didn’t (at the time) know about the dangers of adding adhesive labels to CD/DVD media.

13 years, lovely.

My oldest CD-R are about 10 and a half old and are KODAKs and PHILIPS’.

Do you remember the cd burner used on them??

My oldest CD-Rs date back to 1996 or so. Kodaks, Traxdatas, Sonys, and even Riteks. New CD-Rs just don’t cut it anymore, not even TYs.


I think it was a Yamaha, not sure what model although I remember it was SCSI and we had a nightmare getting it working :a
SCSI ISA cards, don’t know how lucky we are with good old IDE.
It cost a fortune as well, around £1000 :eek:

Missed this…nice! :iagree: :clap:

Another golden oldie, a bit younger this time at 12 years, still not to bad a scan.
Not sure what type of disc, golden top, matt finish, unbranded 74min disc, made in USA, serial 4200 1031 2047. Shows its age, are any discs, cd or dvd, still made in the USA???

Made in USA… The only companies making discs in the USA (I know) are MAM-A and Panasonic, but Panasonic afaik only makes DVD-RAM and BD?
So you’re apparently having a Mitsui disc here.
Maybe you should try canned air? The C1 spike at 55 mins doesn’t look very nice, does it?

Ehh at that time more manufacturing sites were there outside Asia. So jumping to the conclusion that it’s Mitsui made is a bit to fast but it’s not unlikely.

TDK used to produce CD-Rs in the US. The ones I have are 6x branded ones (TDK Certified Plus 650MB). I got them from a friend who lived in the US (I got them in 1998).
On the back of the jewel case (the paper in the back) it says C 1997…