1394 to 1394b

I am installing a gigabyte mb, model 81945g in an Antec TX1050B case. I would like to hook up the front 1394 for convenience with my camcord.
The mb 10 pin socket has a pinlayout for 1394b.
The case terminal for 1394, is Intel standard.
The case has no power wire present at pin 7, only at pin 8.
1394 pin layout shows power at pin 7 & 8, with pin 9 blocked.
1394b pin layout shows power at pin 8 & 9 with pin 7 blocked.
Is power at both pins required?
The remaining pin layouts are the same between 1394 and 1394b.
I am assuming that 1394b is backwards compatable.
What is the best method of making the connection? Is there an adapter, or can I simply move the pin block?
Any help greatly appreciated. :confused: :bow:

I have the same problem with the front panel lead on an Antec Overture 2 case and the Gigabyte 81945g Pro board. It would appear that Gigabyte’s 1394 pin header layout with pin 7 missing is not “standard” as other motherboards (eg MSI)have the keyed pin at pin 9 which is the same as the USB headers.
How are you supposed to fit a keyed plug to a socket where the key doesn’t match?? From the pictures and documents on the Gigabyte site it would appear that all of the Gigabyte boards with 1394b connectors have the same non standard pin layout.
Any ideas on this?

I just put together a rig with a GigaByte GA-K8N Pro SLI mobo and have the same 1394 problem. I suspect the reason the connector and socket don’t match is that the case connector is 1394a and the mobo socket is 1394b.

I called GigaByte about this and they acknowledged the problem. An adapter is available from them which I’ve ordered ($5 for the adapter and $5 S&H). The question I have now is, will the adapter give me a 1394b front panel socket or a 1394a connection? Either way, at least I’ll have an operating front panel socket.

I hope this helps.


I thought 1394b was firewire 800 while 1394a was firewire 400. 1394b has a different cable connection and is not compatible with the cable scheme for 1394a.

I had no luck with Gigabyte on the exact problem. After wading through their maze of a website to get to where I could post a question to their “support”, it took SIX DAYS for them to send me a reply which said “Please contact our customer service via eamil for further assistant[sic]”. Then, after I did send a message to the requested account, they were silent for a week. When I re-sent the request, I was told they have no such connector. Final tally: 3 e-mails, 1 response with any valued content, ZERO help.

Here’s the actual text of their very weak efforts.

From: Gigabyte RMA [mailto:rmausa@gigabyte-usa.com] On Behalf Of Gigabyte RMA
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 9:24 AM
To: bulk@pcbullpen.com
Subject: RE: 1394 --> 1394b connector converter

Dear customer,

Sorry for the late reply we do not carrier the case adapter. We only have the back bracket for the 1394B.

Thank you

Customer Service Center


TEL: 1-626-854-9338 op. 4

FAX: 1-626-854-9326

EMAIL: rmausa@gigabyte-usa.com


From: bulk@pcbullpen.com[/email]
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 2:32 PM
To: Gigabyte RMA
Subject: FW: 1394 --> 1394b connector converter
Importance: High

I’m wondering if your so-called support will ever answer me.

From: bulk@pcbullpen.com
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006 12:32 PM
To: 'rmausa@gigabyte-usa.com’
Subject: 1394 --> 1394b connector converter

I’m interested in finding if there is a converter which will allow me to connect a case with a 1394 connector to the GA-K8N Pro-SLI board’s 1394b header.

I have included the original exchange from your website.

Thanks for your time.

Answer : Hi

Please contact customer service via email for further assistant

( rmausa@gigabyte-usa.com )

Thank you

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From : bulk@pcbullpen.com
Sent : 2006/5/25 00:07
Question : The motherboard has a 1394b header, and my case has a frontside 1394 connector. Is there a converter or adapter which allows me to connect the front side 1394 port to the motherboard?

Thank you for your time.

Model Name : GA-K8N Pro-SLI

M/B Rev : 1
BIOS Ver : f9
Serial No. :
Purchase Dealer : Newegg

VGA Brand : Model :
CPU Brand : Model : Speed :
Operation System : SP :
Memory Brand : Type :
Memory Size : Speed :
Power Supply : W

You can buy a 1394 adapter that connects the back firewire to the front it runs along the bottom of the inside of your case to the front port, but you can only use one at a time either the front or the back. My Asus Mobo came with it, but I know Newegg has it also.

Here’s a pricey solution from NewEgg… http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815158274 Use header L-Bracket & rewire for your motherboard. The mini PCI Express is unused as well as 1 FW400 port on bracket


Did you look at the posting date of the original question?

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