1394 external enclosure recommendations?

I think I am getting a lite on 20A4P but don’t hold me to this, but I need an ex. enclosure & I don’t know what brand to get.

BTW Does an external enclosure have it’s own firmware without the drive installed?? If so I want one that is easily firmware upgradable

An external enclosure is just that… an enclosure. I have one to use it on my lap top for purposes of copying on the fly. When you buy make sure you have two connectivity, Firewire and USB2. Metal case always suffice due to good heat dissipation and robustness. An on-off switch is also good to have though I think its standard on enclosures not with external HD’s.

Any certain brand?

The one I have seems to work fine, including on OS X. I believe these are the general recommendation.

If you are in UK

Sorry, I’m in US