133 IDE cable. Reversable?

Hi folks. I’m building a new small footprint energy efficient pc in a micro atx case. I will post all the pictures later in this thread. The little setback i’m having is the drives turned 90 degrees against each other and regular ide cable is just too short to have both hdd and burner on the same cable. I tried to connect the cable upside down (with previous mobo that i returned for various reasons) and the drives wouldnt go faster then UDMA 2. So does it REALLY matter which end plugs to a mobo? To me it sounds strange coz it just a bunch of wires.
Any experience in this matter?

Yes, there is a special bridge inside the blue end that tells the board that a UDMA66 cable is installed, without this it limits the speed to UDMA33 to protect the data.

You can buy cables with the middle connector in different locations to allow moving items in the case around.

Round cables are much easier to work with, and come in a variety of lengths and spreads.

But they are not within the specs.

Are you referring to the transfer speed would give cross over signals right? Comparing ribbon cable to round cable?

A properly made, shielded round cable is perfectly good to use. I’ve never used anything else since they first came out. I’d dare to say that there are as many poorly made ribbon cables as there are round ones.

Thank you guys.

I guess i will have to do some legwork around the stores and ask for just that. I realize most sales ppl wont have a clue tho :doh:

any recommended places around Toronto?

p.s. in my experience round cables work fine, but i only tried shielded ones. Once i got burned bad with hdd trays. it showed errors in Event viewer and the only (and final) fix was to get rid of it and use usb connections.
so i suppose there is some truth about interfiering wires at 133 frequences.


OK here is an update on my case. after countless attempts to find a proper cable i got plastered (slightly) and thanks to qwakrz who said there are brackets in those connectors for mobo to recognize them, i finally got a spark in my head.
so i just swapped black and blue ones (steep, eh?) and thus extended thedistance btwn 2 drives. To my greatest surprise the circuits ringed fine. On the pic i compare the modded cable to an asus one.