130th comic - Christmas comic [Part 5]

Heya everybody,

I will publish 5 (!!!) comic today… and I really hope you could resist :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile:

The comics published today will be:

  • 17th December 2004
  • 24th December 2004
  • 25th December 2004
  • 31st December 2004
  • 1st January 2005

OK here we go with the comic for today. This is my last day today until my biiig, biiig holiday until 7th January 2005. I hope we had a nice comic year and you enjoyed my comics. It would be good if you give me feedback again… so I opened a poll again.
I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year!!

Here’s the comic:

Hope to hear you all soon! :iagree: :bigsmile:

Alex “Rylex”

:bow: :bow: :bow:

Yes , feed us, feed us in 2005 with more comics. :iagree:

Alex I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year!!

Enjoy your holiday. :iagree:

That’s what I thought, enjoy your holiday and a happy new year Alex :).

A Cracking year Rylex. Long may it continue.