1300A suddenly won't read blanks. did i work it too hard?

hello, all,

i’ve owned my 1300A for about 15 months now, and it’s always worked great. i use it pretty frequently for both burning and reading cd’s and dvd’s. about two weeks ago i started using it even more heavily because i just got an ipod and have been ripping old cds to put on the ipod. many of the cd’s are pretty scratched. i’ve been using eac, which keeps reading the cd until it gets it right, which i fear may be rather hard on the reader (i did have eac set to let the drive cool for a few minutes every 20 minutes).

a few days ago i noticed my 1300A was having trouble reading dvd-r’s i’d burnt as regular video dvd’s–it would pick them up eventually, but i’d have to put the dvd in a few times. the other times it would spin the dvd up for a while, while making a very faint clicking noise (like i’ve heard in other optical drives that have gone bad on me), and then stop spinning. then it would just act as though nothing was in the drive. later i tried putting a blank dvd in to write to, and it wouldn’t recognize that at all, no matter how many times i tried. since then i’ve had luck getting a few data dvd-r’s to read, and for that matter i’m using the drive again right now to rip an audio cd, and the drive has worked fine. it still won’t recognize the blanks, though.

before this mess i was using herrie’s hacked 1.0B firmware. since i’ve tried updating to the holiday package, then the 1.0C beta, and finally to nec’s official 1.0B. none of that has helped. i tried updating drivers, but windows wouldn’t find any newer, and i didn’t see any mention of drivers on herrie’s page or the nec page. i’m guessing that the important stuff is in the firmware and the driver is pretty basic?

so am i missing some way to fix this? or did i just overwork the drive and now it’s not going to work to burn dvd’s? the drive uses a different laser for cd’s, right, so would that explain why the cd reading is still working okay? but why would it read dvd-r’s but not recognize blanks?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

one more quick note: last night my other optical drive … a samsung cd/rw … made terrible grinding noises twice as it was spinning down, again while i was ripping cd’s. is this ripping process really as violent for the drive as its name implies? if that’s the case, i should start ripping these cd’s at work :wink: