1300A and 900MB CD-R

Hi everybody

I’m new at this dvd burning and music burning so i’ve got a question. I’m sure it’s a dum question but i have no idea what i need to do.

i like to burn movies which i have downloaded so i can watch them on my tv. i use nero and have a 900mb disk on which i like to burn. my dvd/cd writer is a nec 1300a and it doesn’t seem to accept a 900mb disk. :frowning: do i have to adjust the size manually or how does it work?? please help me before i go crazy :a


NEC drives don’t support 900MB (99/100mins) CDs: at most they work with 90mins/800MB CDs, sorry.

since nec doesn’t support 900mb i’ll have to buy another device so can you tell me which device will support 900mb

Can’t you simply re-encode your files with VDub or similar?

This will help you.
But I don’t recommend you to buy a writer just for that. If you tell us your environment, probably alternative methods may be found.
For example… burning DVD instead of CD, re-encoding it in 1 CD, burning 2 CD, playing in in HDD then TV-out or whatever.