13 MB header per session in multi-session



In my scanning of the threads I did not see an answer to this question so I will go ahead and ask - Is there anyway to shorten the 13 MB header size that is written per closed session on a multi-session CD-R?

I want to be able to write out sets of files to a CD-R over the course of multiple sessions. Some of these file sets are rather small (as small as 2 MB). So I have a bit of dilemma - the header is bigger then the data.

I would prefer not to cache (I would like to be able to write to CD-R immediately so that the image is off the machine and is actually burned).
That way if the disk fries we have the file on the CD-R. Admittedly until it is finalized it is only readable by Nero software and compatible software but still it is off the disk.

So you see my problem. Any ideas?