12yr old shown fathers dead body in drink driving lesson



A 12-year-old girl was attending a middle school presentation about drunk driving when police showed photos of her own father’s dead and bloodied body as an apparent deterrent. The girl was, understandably, traumatized. Police claimed that they announced each person’s name before showing the pictures, but the young girl didn’t recognize her father’s formal first name and, additionally, didn’t even know that his death had involved alcohol.

“Why are we showing 12-year-olds mutilated dead bodies when they can’t even drive a car for four more years?” attorney Gregory P. Isaacs said Friday. “(The police) are good people with good intentions who have made a terrible, terrible mistake.”

The presentation, shown at the request of school officials, has been received well in the past, Knoxville Police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said. It uses photos from drunken-driving crashes in Knox County.


[The girl’s father] was shown lying in a pool of blood with a crushed skull and mutilated face and torso, [her mother] said.



“but the young girl didn’t recognize her father’s formal first name”

To be honest then you need to ask, whos fault is it that this happened?, the police or the girls. At 12 years old you should know your own fathers fist name, and if not, it would most likely also be her second name.

To be honest if I had been dumb and died in a drink drive crash I would not want my kids to make my mistake, so yes I would wish them to see the pictures of my body.

Ben :slight_smile:


Quoted from suicidegirls.com forum

(And what was she supposed to do if she did know her dad’s body was about to be broadcast to her school - cover her eyes? Jump up in the auditorium and scream?)

Come on though these kids are 12 years old, and not only are they showing them dead bodies they are showing them bodies of local people and naming them aswell, very sick and strange at the same time, i wouldnt want my kids seeing sh*t like this.

And who’s to say they guy wasn’t the victim of a drink driver?


I guess, but even if I was the victim, I would still wish them to see. Maybe a bit older though, maybe age 14 or 15.


Thats unsmooth on many levels.


No mate, that’s pretty f@#ked up, right about there.

12 yr olds aren’t old enough to handle mutilated bodies. Are we preparing them for driving? Or are we preparing them for high school? Perhaps they’re attempting to desensitize them for an upcoming war …


he may have been described as Benjamin when she’d never known him as anything other than Dad or Ben. My grandad was known as Lal (no idea why) and my Grandma as Marj (her name was Iris) so it isn’t always clear cut.


No, society is preparing them to live in fear and anger for each other. Now that’s fucked up.


This ain’t right. :frowning:


I can’t understand why they are teaching driving related matters to 12 year olds. Shouldn’t this be somewhere closer to the age when kids start driving???

Even then, it’s a very harsh method. Sure, it has been shown to be an effective deterrant, but the fact is many people don’t handle the sight of dead bodies well. This kind of lesson should only be mandatory for people who have been convicted of DUI.

Having said that, on an aside, I once told my dad (who was a fire officer) I wanted a motorbike. He didn’t say anything, but brought home a video for me to watch the next night. It was of accident scenes involving motorbikes… and I haven’t even thought about owning one since.


I have always called my Dad “Dad”, but I knew his name was David Nicholls from about 4. I would expect anybody over the age of 6 to know all there relatives (uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, parents, siblings) names in full. I am not saying that it isn’t unfortunate that it happened, but I am saying that the police did do what they should have to stop this happening. I doubt they could have read it out as “Ben” or “Dad”, I assume they allowed a few seconds in between them saying it and the slides, if not then they are partially to blame. Considering most teenagers start drinking alcohol at the age of 13 it makes sense to start warning them of the dangers of drinking irresponsibly before they start drinking. One of the dangers of drinking is drink driving, or being involved in a road accident. I would say the most likely thing to kill me to do with alcohol is me either jumping from something to high or not judging traffic properly.

Yes it is unfortunate this happened, but I hate it when one of cases of things going wrong stop many people benefiting, the state cant nanny people around forever and allow people to do nothing on the off chance it will go wrong. Here in the UK all our swimming pools suck because all the money has to go on around 4-5 lifeguards around a pool, meaning no money for swimming pools, meaning they are poorly done and few people want to go, more people would probably die from heart disease due to lack of exercise than would have drowned. Same with most extreme sports. Things go wrong with anything, but it doesn’t meant people should be stopped from doing them.

Slightly sidetracked so I’m going to leave it there.