12x10x32x Lite-On writers - various help needed (Esp LTR-12101C and LTR-12102C owners


I know that my Iomega ZIPCD3840INT-E is a Lite-On based on the front cover, amongst other things but I’m not really sure which one it is. I suspect it is the LTR-12102C but am not yet sure. I need some help confirming this.

First, is there any way to tell these apart from external view? I point up a scan of my drive a long time ago for you to see.http://www.geocities.com/nil_einne/. Some details are hidden but I can reveal them if necessary.

Secondly, what about internally? I haven’t yet looked to see if my drive to see if it is easy to open (main problem will be Torx screws if present) but if it is and there is no easily damaged/misadjusted parts, I’ll be willing to open it since the warranty has already expired.

Next I would like to ask whether anyone knows if mtkflash can make a backup of a Sanyo chipset recorder. Pflash doesn’t seem to have a backup option. I’ve made a backup of my firmware with mtkflash but I have no way of knowing if it’s ok/correct (it looks ok). If anyone has a Sanyo chipset Lite-On drive you could help me test this. (LTR-0841, LTR-12101B, LTR-16101B according to the FAQ). You need to download the firmware you currently have on your drive. Then extract it from the file. After that, use MTKflash 1.55 to make a bin backup of your firmware. Compare this file with the one you obtained from the web. If it is exactly the same, the it appears likely that MTKflash can backup firmware from Sanyo chipset drives. I can offer more help on how to do this if necessary.

Note earlier I didn’t list the LTR-12101C even though it is supposed to have a Sanyo chipset. The reason is because Lite-On for some reason does not have an update for this drive. Does anyone know why? Would it be possible for someone to make a MTKflash backup of this drive’s firmware and send it to me.

Also, could please send me the LTR-12102C drives RS09 firmware. And anyone who kept a backup of the original firmware or some how has firmware older then RS09 please send it to me.

My e-mail address is listed but please write here before you send anything so I don’t get 10 copies of the same thing. You don’t have to wait for my reply. Once you’ve written it here, you can send it.

Also, any other help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

I opened the bottom today. Was hoping there would be something which would tell me directly what it was but there isn’t (at least not with my current knowledge). But it must be a MediaTek drive as it had 3 MT chips on it. MT1501E, MT1506E, MT1505E. Assuming my info is correct, it must either be the 12102B or the 12102C then. It also means I should be able to safely update it (i.e. I can go back if necessary). I haven’t done so yet primarily because I want to make sure it’s still fine (it should something it didn’t do (well not directly anyway).

For those of you wondering whyI think it’s a 2C not a 2B, well the two main reasons are related to the firmware. My firmware is ROS1. The firmware series for the 2C is RS0X where X is a number or letter. E.g. 9, A and B (update utility lists to Z). Although the 0 in the firmware is a zero while in ROS it is a Orange O the naming is strikingly similar. Also of interest is the fact the utility list 2 as the starting number (for updateable firmware) not 1.

The second reason related to the firmware is that I have backuped my firmware as said and have also extracted the latest firmware the 102C and it is somewht similar to my firmware. Unfortunetely, this doesn’t mean as much as it should since I cannot extract the 102B firmware with the program I have. I’ve tried doing it manually but I’m not totally sure I did it right. There are a number of similarities between the 102B manual firmware and 102C auto firmware and of coz my firmware but especially at the beginning and end my firmware is more similar to 102C then B although this may be related to my extraction.

I have another request. Could someone e-mail me a binary firmware, a backup or whatever of the 12102B?

Thanks all.