12x write speed is better than 16x

I know all systems are confiqured differently, but after reading and see other posts on this forum and putting them together with my own experiences I believe that the BenQ 1640 is a better writer at 12x than at 16x with 16x media. I can writewr faster and get better scans at 12x than at 16x with almost every media code I can find. MCC-004 and Yuden-000-T02-000 are two examples. At the 4gig mark they tend to slow down at 16x but at 12x they keep the speed at about 11.72x, whereas at 16x I get a slowdown to to about 8x at the end of the burn. This may be something in my configuration but I have read many posts of this same occurance. I was just wondering if anyone else has come to this same conclusion.

You qoute it. Every system is different.

My 1640 with RicohJPN R03 +R 16x media is almost a perfect combination - for me. Times under 6mins and scan results on TY02 @8x level are a stand.

I did not yet try other 16x DVDs, because there is no reason for me.


Thanks I will try some of this RicohJPN R03 +R 16x , is it rebranded by a different company or do you have to order it online?

You can get it as Memorex 16x +R… sometimes. If the cake box does not have foam spacers at the top under the paper insert, it is usually RicohJPNR03.

Mine are the original Ricoh branded ones, with that golden surface. I bought them at Amazon, Germany though.

To get very very good scan results, you’ve gotta turn off SolidBurn. With SolidBurn enabled, you’ll get very good results, too, but no perfects.


I have noticed the same thing! Some media burns faster at 12X than at 16X! This is normal for some media due to all the slowdowns to insure a safe burn! GO5 burns best at 8X.

I don’t know if you are using CD-DVD Speed to do burns like I do but there seems to be an occasional buffering problem at 16x with this program. Over at the NEC forum, I have read posts that this is an established bug with NEC burners but I seem to run into it on and off on my BenQs too - more frequently than in the past.

I have tried clearing off unnecessary stuff, uninstalled CloneCD/CloneDVD, made sure source files are defragged but this still happens occassionally. Totally no problems at 12x, HD partition speeds seem adequate at 55-62MB/s as measured by Nero.

MAC…why dun you reinstall your OS…your problem seems similar to mine in the past…where a bad OS installation cause this…

cos I think the problem lies with CD-DVD Speed buffering (or rather the lack of) than the OS. :smiley:

cdspeed will struggle like that if your CPU can’t keep up. (anything running in the background that uses a lot of cpu ? like peer guardian or a distributed computing app?)

the benq can also have troubles past 14/15x if it is connected with another drive on the same cable, especially lite-ons.

Agreed with your points, dicer but reason this one out.

Just did a series of 7 16x burns - ensured PC was idle other than CD-DVD Speed, the 1st 4 went nicely to 16x but the 5th sputtered out like the screenshot above, burn 6 & 7 again nicely hit 16x. Source was from the same HD partititon which was freshly defragged.

Strange eh?

No worry about PC specs (2.4C@285FSB, 1 GB @ DDR480, U160 Cheetah 15K2 OS HD, 7200.8 250GB source file HD on onboard Promise controller), definitely more than adequate. Have no problems hitting 16x with other burning programs too, only this occasional CD-DVD Speed 16x hiccup.

Ok that is interesting. I suppose it is safe to blame cdspeed. I have had issues with the causes that i mentioned previously, burn graph looks like yours.

For some reason, the new thread I had just posted here on this issue isn’t appearing even if I refresh the screen. Anyway, you can take a look over my local forum thread here, click.


GO5 burns best at 8X.

I’d say my best G05 burn was at a friends barbeque a while ago.


In stead of the nec, which is terrible @12 speed, 12 speeds seems to be the best speed for my benq with media like mcc003, tuden t02, mcc004 and ricoh r03

So I agree with you, I prefer 12x burning for my highspeed media

Depends. I have some olf FUJIFILM03 Datawrite Grey that write superbly at 12x on the NEC 3540. I think it’s just variances in media quality and some drives tolerances are better than others on certain media. I’ve been burning some Yuden T02’s and 1 disc will burn and give a good scan and another will have a large PIF spike and total. Getting a good batch is the key here.

GO5 burns best at 8X.

I’d say my best G05 burn was at a friends barbeque a while ago.


I use the Yuden T02 and the MCC004 and the MCC003 and get better burns and faster speeds at 12x with the BenQ 1640. And yes my CPU is a 2.8MHZ Intel and a new power supply 450W. Plenty of Ram and Seagate 7200.7 Barracuda.

I think you need an upgrade of the CPU, cause at 2.8MHz, you’re running extremely slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you ever get this figured out? I get same results sometimes.