12x with certify 16x DVD+R on flashed BenQ DW1600->1620

CMC MAG M0, rated 16x. Just started selling here in Singapore, silvertop OEM.

Using flashed BenQ DW1600->DW1620 with B7L9 firmware, UDMA mode 2, 80-conductor IDE cable, single master onboard IDE, default Microsoft IDE driver. Only 12x (11.7x max real time speed), so disappointed. :rolleyes:

Funny k-probe, high at the beginning, then flat all the way.

PHILIPS C16, rated 16x also. Come bundled with the drive.

Cannot even do 16x (real time reported 11.8x max) with this 16x certify media. This is supposed to be 16x DVD+R capable out of the box. :rolleyes:

K-proble is not bad thr, same as CMC, high at the starting…

Another thing, this drive is Sept made. I got a previous Aug batch that can reach 16x with this bundled media. :stuck_out_tongue:

5th burn -TY 8x DVD+R, at last my 16x. :bow:

Not too bad :iagree:

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