12x rip speed in dvr-108




one of the differences between the a08 retail and the 108 OEM is the rip speed. is the 108 stuck at 5x, even with the modified firmware? i am talking about using dvd decrypter to extract dvd-9s.



AFAIK there is no firmware available with riplock removal yet.


found it.


the hacked 1.14 version should be out soon


Ok I’m to ChickenShit to try this so can someone post back with results. Does the firmware remove the rip lock and what can you now rip a movie at?


Ah good onya tiger! :slight_smile:

I knew about >NIL’s beta 1.04 firmware, just wasn’t aware that it had riplock removal, nice pickup.


can someone test it to see if it really works? this will probably make or break the purchase


Of course the rip speed patch works.