12x plextor burnded out ?please help



Hi, a couple of months ago i bought a plextor 12x, I use it often but i know people who use it even more often and have it longer and they still use it without major problems but since a week i’ve got lots of problems with it
I always used cdrwin 3.8a with error recovery on “ignore” and read retry count on “10” this especially for psx games but i used these settings with all cd’s
since last week i’ve got a lot off write errors and my pc often rebooted itself while writing a cd
i used a cd lense cleaner which was really weird and didn;t helped, i checked my scsi cables, there were fine so what’s the problem ??? sometimes i can still use cdrwin to burn a cd at 8x but not on the fly
i also downloaded nero 5 and with nero i can burn at 8 or 10x sometimes on the fly but also with nero i sometimes get errors and i just want to use cdrwin again, the first couple of months since i got the 12x i always used cdrwin 3.8a at 12x on the fly with my ultraplex 40x en plexwriter 12x , it never gave any problems before soo… ???


I had lot’s of CD-Writers already, and most of them seem to expire after about 9 months… However it could be CD-R WIN, i suggest you get a version of CD-Clone and try that to copy discs. Works fine with my Plextor (same as you have ;-). Good luck !


But i don’t have it 9 months yet and i had to other burners before wich "lived"much longer but i use my 12x much more ofcourse but is till works, just not ont the fly…


return it, its still under warranty