12X media is here for DVD

Check this out, http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetail.asp?logon=&langid=EN&dept=2&WLBS=fsweb2&sku_id=0665000FS10009427&catid=&newdeptid=2
I will try & phone them today just incase this is a typo, cuz it’s kinda expensive even for Canada, my home & native land.

$20 can for 1 12x dvd blank…you outta your mind?..just so i can lose 2 mins off my burn times…cant wait to see what dual layer gunna go for…this is getting rediculous.
If you pay more than $.50 cents per blank your getting screwed!
Cost to make…under 5 cents…on a good day…
How long they can ride this dvd-rw ripoff…long as they can

I just called the store, & they say the price to there knowledge is correct, but there are going to check it out further & get back to me in a day or 2. If thats the price then dual layer will be about $30.00 or more in singles, in Canada of course. Now aren’t cha glad you don’t live in Canada? The cheapest I have seen media here is 1.40 each & ya have ta buy 25pc spindle & get it on sale as well, cuz normal prices are over $2.00 each. The price for the media I use now is $22.00 tax in for a 5 pack FujiFilm dvd-r, but I was lucky & got them on sale for only $11.50, this brand has been pretty good, NO COASTERs that’s the way uh-huh-uh-huh I like it, K.C. & the SunShine Band.

Dave you ever think of getting a friend in usa and then he can ship you up some cheap dvd-r’s or is that more hassle than its worth?
Officemax has some pretty good sales…
5 years from now we’ll all laugh at this…

Budman62, is this a nice hint???where do u live??? I can put a order in now

I just got a reply back from FutureShop & here it is,

Thank you for your recent call.
We have confirmed with our Product Specialist that the price for the Pioneer 1-Pack 12X 4.7GB DVD-R is 19.99$.


Customer Care
Future Shop

I still think this is still too expensive even for Canada, so I’m just waiting to see other stores prices on this media, when it comes available.