12x Maxell DVD-RAM Media



12x DVD-RAM Hitachi Media (Maxell)



12x DVD-RAM Hitachi Drive (HLDS, LG)


GSA-H10N as Buffalo OEM DVSM-X1216FB



Nice !! (finally)


We still can’t get 5x in the USA, except online. :rolleyes:


Because USA is too large. Come to Tokyo and Seoul where people are a lot more concentrated. Those pictures are from Tokyo. :slight_smile:

I mean it’s not because USA is behind, just difficult to find all the latest technology products in one place which is often the case in Seoul and Tokyo. Most tech things are easier and cheaper to buy in the USA than in Japan whether online or offline.

That Akihabara market is used by many of the best Japanese electronics makers to test the market before launching in the mass markets of the world, but also by companies from overseas like LG, Asus, AMD, and so on.


Makes some sense why they call them 6x - 12x.


Thanks for the (hopefully great) news [B]Kenshin[/B] :cool:


When do we expect to see this available in the US? I guess I don’t understand why I can’t buy them online and have them shipped internationally. What don’t I get?


I’ve seen Panasonic-brand 5x DVD-RAM at Fry’s Electronics in Duluth, GA.


Now there are also SATA DVD burners with 12x DVD-RAM writing. LG’s GSA-H30N at least. :slight_smile:


Was there in June shooting Sony’s CEO for Fortune Magazine!

:bow: :clap: :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wasn’t thinking about DVD’s…


Have to add that to my wishlist. :slight_smile:


Still no idea where to get these 12x media RAM that is?


Still in .jp and around only. :frowning:

BTW, nice pictures!


I just got an info from Maxell: “due to lack of interest in the U.S. for this product we have decided to keep in Japan only”.



Now this is really ridiculous. 12x capable DVD-RAM drives are selling well, why wouldn’t the media be selling at least acceptably then? Actually, the customers want to unleash the full ability of their drives… :iagree:
I hope Panasonic, master of the DVD-RAM disc type, will help us…

EDIT: Mail to Maxell Germany is out.


What can I say, that sucks!


How can they say that if it has never been sold in the US?


US branches of Japanese companies (Sony, Maxell, TDK etc.) tend to be, for lack of a better term, clueless.


Well, it all stems from the big picture that DVD-RAM in general has a lack of interest in the US market. There is a bean counter somewhere that has his mind made up…


I wonder if it’s because DVD-RAM was never marketed well in the US? Though, I had an interesting experience in a Wal-Mart recently. I was in the media section and an older woman came up and asked me about DVD-RAM media for her DVD recorder, and I handed her a 3 pack of Maxell DVD-RAM made in Japan. She wasn’t totally clueless about -RAM, which was surprising.