12x from 8x spec?

Hi all - just got the Philips DVDR16LS (lightscribe) after reading the review (Good piece Jan07!), and need some pointers. The review mentions being able to burn certain media above thier offical ratings i.e some 8x rated media at 16x/12x.

I use Nero, and click on :

‘Determine maximum writing speed’

When i want to burn a data dvd. While using MCC 003, it finds fastest writing time to be about six minutes forty seconds or so. However on actually burning ,the ‘Time remaining clock’ goes to zero but the burning is only halfway finished - and takes a further six or so minutes to complete.

My question is - what settings might be causing this problem. Is there a setting preventing nero from writing at a higher speed (as is mentioned in the review) than the rated speed i.e. preventing nero from writing 12x on an offically rated 8x disc?

Or do i misunderstand the ‘Determine Maximum Writing Speed’ function?


Cheers - Amarz !!!


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Firstly check these things

  • Check DMA is enabled
  • Make sure Determine writing speed isnt ticked before burning the disc
  • Check if the verify option has been ticked as that takes more time after the disc is finished to check the files are burnt properly