12x Dvd+/- Rw Is Out Now!

New Liteon 12X SOHW-123S DVD+/-RW DRIVE at http://www.sale-electronics.com/pd_liteon_12x.cfm for $130.00

New ARTEC 12X DVD+/- RW Retail at http://www.sale-electronics.com/pd_artec_12x.cfm for $120.00

New LITEON SOHW 832S DUAL 8X8X48 DVD+/-RW NERO BLACK RETAIL Double layer! at http://www.sale-electronics.com/pd_liteon_sohw.cfm
for $137.00

Been out for a while now…

Are they all US dollars?


Is there any way to ban users? I hate to jump to conclusions, but the two posts “ustechcity” made are virtually identical, and unfortunately sound like unsolicited advertising for a specific website. Worse yet, the prices for those drives are not the most competitive (Pricewatch lists a LiteOn 832S for $96). If users like that are allowed to remain, then CDFreaks could turn into nothing more than an ad-post riddled forum full of “info” about inflated prices.

Yes this is US dollar

DVD±RW DL: Philips Launches World’s Fastest DVD Burner

Philips Electronics has launched the world’s first 16-speed DVD writer, which can burn a disc in less than six minutes, the Dutch group said on Tuesday.

U.S. computer maker Dell will be the first customer for the new DVD burner, sources familiar with the Philips activity told Reuters. Philips and Dell have a partnership to supply each other with products.

Philips said it planned to produce 600,000 of the devices every month. Computer makers will pay between 80 and 90 euros ($97-$109) per DVD writer when buying in large quantities, while consumers will have to pay around 180 euros.

The product, which has two layers that take the maximum storage capacity up to 8.5 gigabytes or four hours of DVD quality video, will be a mainstream feature in personal computers by the end of 2004, Philips said.


I’m with ideum- sounds like ustechcity is just trying to sell us something.