12x DVD-Ram - Will it ever be available?



I was drawn to this thread because I was thinking of upgrading my LG-4163b with the newer samsung with 12x dvd-ram write speed. It seems that my suspicions were correct in that there is still no media available. Heck, I’ve been unable to even find a type 4 5x!

So, I’m wondering… any of the 5x (or even lower) media burn higher with the right burner…


No overspeeding of rewriteable media, with the possible exception of 10x CD-RW being burned at 12x.


D’oh! well than, I can’t say I see any real utility in a 12x DVD-RAM since the media is and always will be virtually non-existent in the US. I think I’ll just hold off until 2nd gen Blu-Ray/HD-DVD.


The same is true for Europe, although most experienced users here prefer DVD RAM for backups, but the “normal” users simply don’t care a lot about it :frowning:

Well, but I’d at least expect to have the possibility to buy this media, even if the price is slightly higher.

Btw, availability of 5x RAM media is no problem at all, panasonic sell them in their onlineshop at least here in germany. But 12x? Nothing found so far :frowning:




The Tevion-, Octron-, Sky- and Platinum-buying crowd here doesn’t even know how to spell DVD-RAM. :wink:
I hope somebody else other than snotty Maxell (Panasonic? Even CMC would be okay!) will also start doing 12x DVD-RAM.


LOL, most people here think that “Tevion” and “Platinum” are superb brands, and complain why suddenly those “great Aldi Rohlinge” don’t work anymore :smiley:

Btw, I have bought 25pcs Verbatim 16x printable made in Taiwan, excellent quality on my BenQ 1640 and LG H10N, for only 10.89€, so why should anybody mess with the cheap stuff from discounters? I believe most people simply don’t know what’s good stuff :wink:




Have you bought them on the web or in a B&M store? If you bought them in a store it would be great if you shared your secrets with me so I could add them to my map. :wink:

Now that’s right, even at Saturn 25 Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MIT) are just € 13, so there’s only a small difference. I always enjoy bragging about my Litey when friends come to me with their scratched/hardly readable el-cheapo discs. :slight_smile:


Hi kg,

I bought them at amazon.de, but the prices change constantly, they vary from 10.89€ to 14.50€ without any significant regularity, I don’t know why, but within one or two weeks, one hast often a chance to get them at that price.




5X on the two sided discs (type 4) is a little harder for me to find. I know there are online outlets, but as long as it’s been around, one should simply be able to go into a B&M and pop out the CC. Anyway, it’s also increasingly hard to justify spending money on, when compared to the per gig price of a hard drive. I was hoping they would have dropped in price more by now.

You make a very interesting point about backup preference. I guess ‘Experienced user’ isn’t synonomous with ‘efficient user’, heheh… When I 1st purchased my LG 4163B, I was all about doing backups on my 3x Type 4 disc. I still do every once in a while for important documents and such; I keep one in my safe in case of fire. However, for all practical backups, DVD-RAM is an paramount waste of time. It’s much more hassle free (and time saving) to do periodic acronis images of my data to a server, than methodically figuring out how to squeeze all my data across numerous dvd-ram discs, which would also in turn increase the restore time.

Sorry if this is slightly off topic.


Well, I just ain’t agree with you… All the things that I want to backup are the small documents so I think it’s quite convenient for me to use the DVDRAM, as the data can be read easily, unlike Acronis Image which requires a viewer that ought to be installed. Maybe it’s not that case for you…


I agree with you :). If you’re only backing up a few gigs or less, probably overkill. Like I said, I still use DVD-RAM for docs, and whatnot, but anymore than one disc or two discs, and its just unecessary effort. Also not very cost effective either unless you get the cheapie dvd-ram which takes far too long to burn. I’m not suggesting someone go out and buy a server etc. etc. A clearance priced HDD and enclosure would do the trick as well.

I’m doing a 13 GB Active C partition and 25GB of multimedia partition backup.C restores saved me many a time already and there’s the comfort of mind of having all my media on 2 different hard drives. As far as recovery acronis is extremely stable and can be run from live cd if install is lost for whatever reason: boot w/live cd, restore image, badabing – back in no time. You can also plug images in effortlessly as a virtual partition. If it’s the installing that bothers you, I have to install dvd-ram driver (BHA) if I want to write UDF natively to dvd-ram on a xp box. I’m not really saying that acronis is necessary either. My point was primarily that large back-up is more practical (cost-wise & timewise)to another hard drive rather than to dvd-ram.

Your way works too; never meant to suggest it didn’t.


You are right. It just depends on the users’ needs. The main four that I will consider are the portability, price, durability and capacity. For DVD-RAM, it has got advantages for the first two I suppose. (at least I think so)

I am looking forward to buying a 12x one. I suppose one or two is already enough for me.


Just to let people know, I’m still arguing with Maxell about getting this product released into other countries then just Japan, or at least get access to 100 x 5pks of it or so which can then be distributed.

I would really appreciate it if people could post their comments and frustrations here:

I will be showing the CDRlabs thread to Maxell as an arguement showing the strong interest and demand for 12x DVD-RAM.

Thanks guys!!


I posted my comments there, Dolphinius. Thanks for your efforts to extend distribution of 12X DVD RAM media outside Japan. We may be few in number but there is interest out there.


To me DVD-RAM simply doesn’t make sense, because 1 GB on a DVD-RAM costs more than 1 GB on a USB hard disk and hard disks are easier to handle than DVD-RAMs. This is already true for 5x DVD-RAM and even more so for 12x DVD-RAM.


That is probably the reason they are not available in the USA yet. I agree at the price RAM is selling for you might as well use USB hard disks.



DVD-RAM might be useless for [I]your [/I]personal demands.
I use DVD-RAM for personal documents and similar, which is a rather small amount of data. An external HDD is a nice thing, but I would not rely on such as a sole backup device. A 300 GB HDD going bad isn’t that funny.



A 300 GB HDD full with valuable data going bust is a nightmare - no doubt about that. For small, very important documents I use a USB MO drive (removable discs with 640 MB). It is much safer than DVD-RAM. The discs are much smaller and protected by a cartridge. For more voluminous data I use DVD, but burn them several times on different medias and I am also storing them in different places. For temporary I use USB hard discs. Unfortunately slower drives with 5400 upm, which would be just fine for USB and also safer, are no more available.


If I would just know where to get MO, I might gladly get some of these thingies.
Well, there are slower drives with 5400 or even 4200 [B]r[/B]pm still on the market. Look for 2.5" instead of 3.5" HDs. But they’re freaking expensive.


No problem, if you have the money. Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 U2 Photo is available for only 370 € at fujitsu.de :bigsmile:

Or get a used one at ebay or so…